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About Us

"Organisations receive thousands of documents every day in multiple formats, from paper, fax, emails, pdf, xml, to edi and more. This results in many, disparate systems and manual business processes being put in place to cope, which all add exorbitant cost. The concept of Digital Mailroom was established to enable organisations of all sizes to benefit from the efficiency and cost saving gains to be made from automating and digitising manual paper based business processes".
Matt St.John, Technical Director of Digital Mailroom

"To remain competitive and grow in today's challenging markets every organisation needs to constantly focus on improving business processes, to be more accurate, faster and more cost effective. This is what Digital Mailroom does, we help businesses to achieve more accuracy, more speed and massive cost savings"
Brett Parnham, Managing Director of Digital Mailroom

Digital Mailroom provides a service that automates the sending and receiving of important trading documents, like invoices, purchase orders and delivery notes and then enables the accurate extraction of key business data so that it can be processed in your business management system.

Our services can be provided as a secure hosted bureau service on a pay per document processed basis or as an in house application running on your own servers. Digital Mailroom currently provides the following services;

  • Accounts payable automation
  • Accounts receivable automation
  • Purchase order automation
  • Automatic proof of delivery (and all other goods movement documentation) document processing
  • Document archiving and filing services
  • Bespoke database design and build
  • Business intelligence reporting system design and build

Our services are incredible value for money, due to very low start up costs, and will enable your organisation to save substantial resources as well as reduce processing errors and improving efficiency.