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Exciting new Apprenticeship opportunities with Digital Mailroom Ltd working in the fantastic environment at Bowcliffe Hall in Bramham


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DMR Purchase Invoice Automation for SAGE – Pricing



  • All prices quoted exclude VAT and are quoted in GBP
  • All business is transacted in accordance with the Digital Mailroom End User Licence agreement and our general terms and conditions
  • Digital Mailroom operates internationally, for pricing in your local currency please contact us
  • Payment terms are strictly payment upon presentation of invoice
  • All set up fees are payable in advance
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Automating Purchase Invoice Processing in SAGE


The Digital Mailroom Ltd Purchase Invoice Automation solution for SAGE is cost effective, easy and fast to implement and will provide your organisation with an immediate return on investment.

You simply scan paper invoices or forward emails with pdf invoices attached to your Digital Mailroom (DMR) account. DMR turn your invoices into data and send you a file that you can simply import into Sage to create the purchase invoice entries at line level detail. It has never been simpler or faster to get purchase invoices processed in Sage. All of the invoice images are available for archiving, either in a folder on your server or PC or you can use the DMR Web Archive if you want a little more archiving functionality.

The image below shows the basic process flow;


Step 1: Invoice Submission

Incoming invoices are transferred to Digital Mailroom by the most appropriate means:

  • Paper invoices are scanned using any office MFP or scanner and transferred to the DMR secure server using DMRLink software (installed locally).
  • Incoming emailed PDF invoices can be sent directly or forwarded to your dedicated accounts payable email address at digital mailroom.
  • Incoming EDI invoices can be submitted via email, ftp, AS2, or other messaging format.

Step 2: Invoice Data Extraction

DMR will extract the required information from incoming invoices:

  • Invoice header
  • Invoice line(s)
  • Invoice image (for EDI, where no image exists, a default invoice facsimile can be generated to provide visual information).

Step 3: Reference Data

On a regular basis, the following supplier master data from SAGE can be provided in simple reports:

  • Sage creditor account code
  • Supplier unique data, e.g. VAT no, IBAN no, Post code
  • Default nominal code for supplier

Reference data (Supplier Master) will be used to code the incoming invoice, including Supplier Code, Nominal Code, Cost Centre, etc.   Where this can be automatically allocated based on existing data, this will be done automatically. All invoices will then need to be approved, if they are not defined as pre-approved prior to submission. This can be done simply by running through the output Excel data prior to import into Sage.

Step 4: Verification

Incoming invoices are checked against the DMR Master Creditor file and a mapping table is maintained which links DMR Master Creditor ID to the Supplier ID in the customers SAGE system.

Invoices are checked in the DMRBack Office system for validity.

Invoices that do not pass the system verification checks or that contain system identified errors are passed to the DMR Verify operators who will look at the invoice on screen and correct any errors or pass the invoice to a supervisor queue for further processing or rejection.

Step 5: Data & Invoice Image Output

Data files for approved invoices will be provided, in whatever format simplifies onward processing, for import into the customers SAGE system. Most versions of Sage support a simple Excel file import. This is the quickest, easiest and most cost effective way to get started with Purchase Invoice Automation for Sage.

Invoice image files will be provided, referenced appropriately, for archiving using local folders and windows explorer or where appropriate into an existing document management system, or the DMR Web Archive.

DMR also provides a simple to use web based archive for retrieval of processed invoice images. Lots of our customers find this very useful as it;

  • does not use local disk space,
  • is available 24/7,
  • is fully backed up and
  • makes finding invoices for audit purposes very fast and efficient.

In most implementation users find the appropriate invoice image by using the tracking number that is posted in the Other Reference field in Sage and using this to search (using windows explorer) for the invoice image. Supplier invoice number etc can also be used.

DMR can provide tighter integration with Sage, where invoice images are automatically archived in the appropriate memo tab in Sage, however this is not part of the standard service and needs to be scoped and quoted separately.

Benefits of SAGE Purchase Invoice Automation with DMR

  • Manual processing reduced by over 80%
  • Immediate removal of paper
  • Improved customer service resulting from fast document processing
  • Increased capacity
  • Reduced employment costs
  • No upfront capital investment
  • No admin intensive hardware or applications to manage
  • Improved staff morale and ability to focus on more ‘value add’ tasks
  • Ensures control and compliance
  • Timely and accurate reporting within your accounting system
  • Prompt payment discounts are more easily accessed
  • Helps avoid late payment penalties
  • Helps avoid embarrassing unpaid bills leading to suppliers putting you on ‘Stop’
  • Eliminates ‘lost’ invoices during approval process
  • Automated documents arriving in any form (e.g. Email and Post) and check, verify and post them automatically
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Better records for audit trail and compliance
  • Reduced errors

For more information about automating purchase invoice processing for SAGE please contact us by email, or telephone +44 (0) 845 604 6351 or even pop in and visit us at Suite 5 Bowcliffe Court, Bramham, Wetherby, West Yorkshire LS23 6LP

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What is the cost of processing a Purchase Invoice?


According to research and analysis group, Gartner, typically the cost of processing an invoice in the UK averages between £4 and £25, and in some cases even up to £50, per individual invoice.

It isn’t easy to obtain this data, and around one third of all companies are not able to determine the amount of this cost, according to a survey last year.

The data from a report last year shows that the cost of invoice processing using procedures without automation tools can be up to 20 times higher than processes which are highly automated.

Businesses of all sizes are losing money and customer reputation due to slow and erroneous payment and collection processes, and yet ACCOUNTS PAYABLE staff are still hampered in their efforts by manual processes and poor access to all of the related documents.

Moving to paper-less systems for Accounts Payable processes can make rapid and substantial cost savings, along with management benefits of improved cash management, increased visibility and simpler approval and matching.

When AP and AR functions are automated, this translates to:

  • improved efficiency in invoice management (i.e. document imaging, data extraction, electronic approval workflows),
  • reduction in external/internal inquiries (i.e. PO matching, electronic workflows), and
  • improved reconciliation and ledger management (i.e. automated PO matching, cash flow forecasting).

These results are, obviously, persuading an increasing number of companies of all sizes to talk to Digital Mailroom Ltd about the possibilities of automation.

What is it costing your business?

Real Case Study Results

The two examples below are based on real case studies of the impact, before and after for two Digital Mailroom customers.

The first example is an organisation that processes on average 750 invoices (1000 invoice pages) per month and had 1.5 full time equivalent staff members processing purchase invoices.

The second example is from a larger organisation that processes around 3000 (4000 invoice pages) purchase invoices on average each month and had 6 full time staff processing purchase invoices.

Besides the significantly improved service delivery times you can see that the bottom line impact to be made from automating purchase invoice processing in organisations of all sizes is considerable.


Example 1: 750 invoices per month

Example 2: 3000 invoices per month.

Example 2: 3000 invoices per month.

For more information about how to approach the automation of Purchase Invoice Processing contact Digital Mailroom Ltd by email or call us on +44 (0) 845 604 6351

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Success Story: Automating Customer Order Processing for Office Supplies Companies

Automating the processing of customer orders, received by email as PDF files, reduces cost and frees up tim to spend on generating more business.

Inv openIntegration with Digital Mailroom breaks the barriers of commercial prejudice in communication between software houses. Using the service has released resources into more productive areas within CTS – and our customers’ businesses – and saves us all a chunk of operational expense.   Inv Close

Steve Clayton comment

Inv openUsing Digital Mailroom to automatically process customer orders received by email allows us more time for speaking to customers and developing new business.Inv Close

Phil wright comment


Solutions provided by DMR

Digital Mailroom worked with CTS and their business system provider ECi to automate the processing of sales orders into their Horizon system.

Orders received from customers as PDF files attached to email are converted into opXML and automatically processed into Horizon within minutes of being received.

Key Features

  • Emailed orders are automatically forwarded for processing.
  • Sales orders received as PDF files (attached to email messages) are automatically processed into CTS’ Horizon business system.
  • Order lines are verified against CTS’ master product data to check for accuracy and validity.
  • Success and failure messages automatically sent to confirm receipt or failure of orders.
  • The service can also convert customers electronic file formats (XML, EDI) and automatically process them into Horizon.

Managing higher volumes of sales orders, more quickly, more accurately and with less cost

  • CTS are a leading trade only wholesaler of compatible toner and ink products based in the UK and have recently extended their customer proposition with the launch of PAPERCHAIN, a complete & fully integrated managed print & document solution for resellers.
  • Operating from their recently extended 25,000 sq ft warehouse facility in Staffordshire Picture9CTS provide office supplies resellers with access to 4000 SKU’s of Copier Toner, Laser Toner, Inkjet Cartridges and Ribbon Products, which are available for next day direct delivery.
  • CTS pride themselves on excellent service and no quibble problem resolution, and are always looking for innovative ways to improve customer service.
  • CTS use the Horizon system from ECi who introduced them to Digital Mailroom.

A large number of CTS reseller customers find it easier and more cost effective to email their orders to CTS as PDF documents, created in their own business systems. Manually processing, at times more than 300 of these orders a day, was extremely time consuming and CTS were looking for an innovative way to improve this business process. Account managers were not getting enough time to work with customers to deliver the levels of service that CTS wanted.

CTS knew there was a better way to process sales orders than manually keying every order. When they discussed this business issue with ECi, the supplier of their business system Horizon, ECi recommended CTS speak to Digital Mailroom. Digital Mailroom work closely with ECi to provide an automated solution integrated with Horizon.

Sales orders received by email are now automatically converted into data and orders are created in Horizon without the need for manual inputting. The sales order processing service turns PDF orders into data and makes the data files available for Horizon to process within minutes of the orders being received.

As a result of automating the processing of sales orders CTS have been able to;

  • remove manual data entry errors and improve accuracy,
  • reduce manual order input to a minimum,
  • take on new business without increasing staff costs,
  • process more orders in much less time,
  • enable account managers to provide even higher levels of customer service, and
  • increase selling time enabling new business growth.

Manual processing of orders has reduced by more than 50%and is still improving.

Inv openDigital Mailroom is like having an extra member of staff that scales up the volume of work they can complete with the business as it grows,  the time and cost savings have made a real positive impact to the sales team. Inv Close

Ian Randell comment




This service is available for Office Supplies Dealers to enable the reduction of order inputting time, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

CTS Logo

For more information about CTS please contact Ian Randell at CTS Toner Supplies Limited Trentbridge Farm | Yoxall | Staffordshire | DE13 8NJ | Phone: +44 (0) 1543 474920 | Email:

digital mail room logoFor more information about Digital Mailroom and other DMR services please contact us at The Barn, Hall Mews, Boston Spa, Wetherby, West Yorkshire, LS23 6DT | Phone: +44 (0) 845 604 6351 | Email:

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How DMReMail Submission Manager Works

This article describes how the DMReMail Submission manager works and how to use it.


  • Introduction
  • Using DMReMail Submission Manager
  • Email Text View
  • Deleting Unwanted Attachments
  • Resolving Attachment Issues

Continue reading

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DMReMail Manager



The NEW DMReMail Management System allows you to submit any invoices received from your suppliers, by email, to Digital Mailroom for automated processing.  Emails received from suppliers that contain invoices and supporting documentation, like POD’s and CMR’s, can be auto-forwarded to your Digital Mailroom AP account for auto processing. You can also manually forward selected emails to this account.

A lot of the time you have no control over the format or order of invoices and supporting documentation sent to you by suppliers. But very often your customers will demand that proof of shipment or delivery documentation be submitted to them in a specific format before they will pay. This is where the DMReMail Submission Manager is designed to help.

Using the DMReMail Management System your purchase invoices and supporting documentation can be easily sorted into the correct order for automating Accounts Payable processes as well as automatically separating purchase invoices, CMR’s, POD’s and other supporting documents so that they can be sent to customers in the format and file structure required. This service will also vastly enhance your use of DMR Accounts Receivable Automation Services.


  • AUTOMATICALLY SORT AND ARCHIVE INVOICES AND SUPPORTING ATTACHMENTS The email management system allows you to sort your invoices and other documentation into the correct order for processing, i.e invoice first followed by other back up documents.
  • REMOVE MANUAL PROCESSING. This will help you remove lots of manual processing time and ensure that invoices and supporting documentation are accurately recorded and electronically archived. No longer any need to print and re-scan documents.
  • DELETE UNNECESSARY DOCUMENTS. Easily remove unnecessary documents by deleting them in the workflow process so that they do not clutter your archive.
  • FREE. This functionality is a non chargeable additional feature for existing users of DMR Accounts Payable Automation Services.
  • EASY TO USE WEB APPLICATION. All DMR workflow services are available though our simple to use an intuitive web interface.
  • UNLIMITED USERS AND REMOTE WORKING SUPPORTED. You can access the service from any device using a web browser and remote working is more of a possibility.
  • MANAGE MULTIPLE ATTACHMENTS. Multiple attachments to one email message can be sorted into the correct filing order and document type.

The DMReMail Management System works in conjunction with other DMR services to provide a fully automated Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Automation Service. Other services like POD and CMR Masking are also available.

For more information on this service please contact us, or if you would like to know more about how the service works please visit the How DMReMail Submission Manager Works post.

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Espace Global Freight Ltd – Customer Success Story

Accounting process automation for freight forwarders

We were working from 7 o’clock in the morning and Sundays to get all our invoices processed manually. Now we only have to deal with around 6% of invoices and even those are automatically filed.

Strategically our focus can now be on more critical tasks like credit control. Definitely more people would have been needed to cope with growth. Our service levels to customers and the business have also increased.

Andy Williams Accounts Manager Espace Global Freight Ltd


“We see DMR as our closest business partner and their “can do” attitude has really helped Espace. We just know that our ideas are going to be looked at and things will happen. That’s what we like! We would never go back to the way we were.”

Helen Crooks Managing Director Espace Global Freight Ltd

View the full version of this video on our YouTube channel.


Solutions provided by DMR

Digital Mailroom worked with Espace and their freight forwarding system provider Multifreight to automate the processing of purchase invoices received from suppliers as well as the sending of sales invoices. Associated tasks like masking PODs and CMRs and linking them to sales invoices were also incorporated into the project.

Key Features

  • Purchase invoices received in any format (paper, email, PDF, EDI) automatically processed, matched and filed.
  • PODs and CMRs received with purchase invoices or separately are associated with relevant sales invoices and automatically sent to the customer in their preferred format.
  • Sensitive information on PODs and CMRs removed using the DMR masking tool.
  • Compliant with GAAP, HMRC guidelines and eInvoicing conventions.

Espace global freight ltd

Managing higher volumes of purchase and sales invoices with less cost and more flexibility

  • Espace Global Freight Limited are an international shipping company  based out of multiple locations in the UK, with an expansive global network of appointed agents and freight forwarders.  Espace provide European road, sea and air freight solutions to over 500 UK and European customers.
  • Constantly looking at ways to innovate, offer better and more competitive solutions to their Mouse imagecustomers and to stay ahead of competition, Espace had highlighted the amount of paperwork in their office as a real weakness.
  • Processing 5 to 10 invoices was a half hour job. Matching an invoice and passing it for payment, taking out the POD/CMR, making copies, attaching them to the sales invoice, which could often be difficult to find, was a very long -winded process.  Espace were looking at how they could speed up these processes and were very keen to automate.

Espace started implementing the DMR purchase invoice automation service in June 2012.

The service is integrated with their freight forwarding software package  (Multifreight) which means all invoices are automatically matched  and posted to their estimated costs for the job.

Invoices are archived electronically for easy reference and viewing by operators and accounts staff.

Paper invoices are scanned to a dedicated network folder and along with invoices received in electronic format (email, PDF, EDI or XML) they are automatically submitted for processing using DMRLink.

PODs and CMRs sent with purchase invoices are separated from the invoice, masked where necessary (using the DMR masking service) and automatically associated with the relevant sales invoice.

Sales invoices are then transmitted to the customer electronically either with or without the PODs and CMRs depending on how the customer wants to receive them.

Espace are now able to trade totally electronically in the most  environmentally friendly way.

As a result of automating the processing of purchase invoices, sales invoices and their associated documents Espace have been able to;

  • easily cope with business growth,
  • introduce new services with confidence,
  • focus more actively on credit control and
  • enable the accounts team to work more flexibly improving employee engagement.

Savings are estimated at around £40k per annum through staff productivity.

Espace global freight services

DIGITAL MAILROOM LTD | The Barn, Hall Mews, Boston Spa, Wetherby, West Yorkshire, LS23 6DT | Phone: +44 (0) 845 604 6351 | Email:

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Port of Felixstowe VBS charges increasing costs for Hauliers and Freight Forwarders

port of felixstowe vbsDespite strong lobbying from the Freight Transport Association (FTA) and other bodies the Port of Felixstowe[1]  have confirmed it will be going ahead with the charge for booking peak period slots for vehicles under its Vehicle Booking System (VBS).

The Port of Felixstowe,  which handled 42pc of total UK container traffic in 2012, are justifying these costs and recently commissioned a study by consultants MDS Transmodal,  the outcome of which it contends, shows Felixstowe is still a more cost-effective option[2].

The costs will no doubt need to be passed on through the supply chain to be recovered from the ultimate customer, resulting in additional administrative burden and costs for hauliers and freight forwarders.

At Digital Mailroom we are not in a position to influence POF to remove these charges, however we can help logistics companies, hauliers and freight forwarders reduce the costs involved in processing invoices they receive from the port.

The Accounts Payable Automation Service from DMR enables invoices to be automatically processed into business systems. Container charges at line level can be matched with costs and estimates, enabling individual charges to be accurately passed on to customers, with almost no manual intervention. Invoices are also securely electronically archived removing paper from the office.

For a limited time only Digital Mailroom are offering a Free two week trial of this service to Hauliers and Freight Forwarders that process Port of Felixstow invoices.

If you would like more information on this service, please contact us, by email, through our website or by telephone 0845 604 6351.

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Simplify electronic trading with Multidox EDI services from Digital Mailroom!

Are you finding EDI trading requests confusing, costly, complicated and time consuming?  The Multidox eDI Service from Digital Mailroom could help you improve efficiency, save time and cut costs…

The complication, confusion, cost and inefficiency of approaching EDI requests from every trading partner as a separate project is now a thing of the past. Multidox EDI is an easy to use web based solution for managing the conversion of customer and supplier EDI messages. Easily turn your customers EDI instructions into Jobs in Multifreight and send them EDI invoice messages in the format they want to receive them straight from Multifreight. Multidox EDI is the ideal solution for all freight forwarders and logistics providers who do not want the cost or hassle of setting up complex EDI solutions and capabilities in house.

Multifreight is already connected to Digital Mailroom, you just need to ask us to go live!

If you have been avoiding requests from your customers or suppliers to transact with them using EDI or XML messaging then the Multidox EDI service from SCS and Digital Mailroom may just be the answer. Electronic trading can help you remove significant costs from your business, speed up processing and put you way ahead of your competitors.

Digital Mailroom connects to Multifreight and converts incoming EDI or XML messages into the format needed for processing in Multifreight. The service will also convert any messages you send from Mutifreight into any format your customer or supplier wants to receive it in. The Multidox EDI service is excellent value for money and will give you an immediate ROI. There are no costly or time consuming implementation requirements. Set up fees are as low as £250 and the monthly service fee starts at £55. This really is the best EDI solution available for Multifreight users.

To find out how your organisation could reduce costs and become more efficient by using the Multidox EDI service for Multifreight contact us now!

DMR EDI Service for Multifreight

Convert any EDI format for which a specification exists and translate it into any other EDI format for which a specification exists. Tell us the format and we handle the conversion.

Key Features

  • Web based easy to use solution
  • EDI messaging with suppliers and customers
  • Secure, reliable and efficient communication with trading partners
  • Process any type of data format with any trading partner regardless of their technology
  • Turn paper, PDF, CSV and Excel documents into EDI message formats
  • Auto email files to DMR and from DMR to trading partners
  • Reach out to FTP sites and pull files for processing
  • Create image files from data to help operators
  • Multi user, fully managed EDI service
  • FTP push and AS2 encrypted link

Major Benefits

  • Reduce data entry costs
  • No costly hardware requirements
  • Automate, streamline and reduce costs of error prone manual processes
  • Exchange data easily, regardless of location, technology preference or level of IT sophistication
  • Quickly get 100% EDI compliant with your trading partners
  • No EDI software or previous EDI knowledge required
  • You don’t have to maintain any FTP servers
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Increased accuracy
  • Enhanced visibility
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase ROI
  • Less errors

Improve efficiency and reduce costs

Digital Mailroom EDI services are available to organisations of all sizes, not just Multifreight users. To find out more please contact us or call on; +44(0) 845 604 6351, ask for Brett.
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