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Digital Mailroom frequently asked questions

How DMReMail Submission Manager Works

This article describes how the DMReMail Submission manager works and how to use it. Contents: Introduction Using DMReMail Submission Manager Email Text View Deleting Unwanted Attachments Resolving Attachment Issues

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Scanning invoices for processing by Digital Mailroom

If you are new to scanning and submitting your purchase invoice documents to Digital Mailroom, please check that your settings are correct before you submit your files. The correct scan settings are as follows: 300dpi TIFF format Compressed Black and … Continue reading

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Good Practice Guidelines for submitting invoices using DMR

There are a number of good practices you can consider when submitting your invoices for processing using the DMR Accounts Payable Automation service for freight and logistics businesses. If you follow these simple guidelines the accuracy of data conversion from … Continue reading

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I need an efficient way of storing all of my Proof of Delivery data for easy retrieval, how can Digital Mailroom help?

By scanning your POD’s (or other structured business documents) in batches and saving them to a folder on your server, our DMRLink software will collect the files, split them into individual documents, identify the unique reference number on the document … Continue reading

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Apart from invoices what other documents can I send via Digital Mailroom?

You can also send scanned document attachments, such as Proof of Delivery documents, consignment notes and so on with your invoices. We will link these additional documents with your invoice so that you will be able to retrieve all the … Continue reading

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As well as receiving my purchase invoices electronically can I send out sales e-invoices too?

Yes, as long as your customers are in agreement we can provide you with the means to generate e-invoices in a format to suit them. If we have not answered your questions here, to find out more please contact us.

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Under current UK legislation I need to keep my invoices for 6 years, how does this work with Digital Mailroom?

The great thing about Digital Mailroom is that you don’t end up with large volumes of paperwork that require expensive storage facilities just in case the document is required at a later date. With Digital Mailroom you can keep all … Continue reading

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Once I receive an electronic invoice how can I process it for payment?

You control when you want to upload your e-invoices,  this would either run as a scheduled task each day or you can initiate the import process manually. You will then be able to review your invoices and see the original image … Continue reading

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Do I need to notify HM Revenue & Customs?

Under current regulations anyone can receive e-invoices instead of paper invoices provided that they meet all the same criteria demanded of a paper invoice. It is also acceptable to run both electronic and manual systems if necessary, provided you only use … Continue reading

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What are the costs involved for me and my suppliers to change to e-invoicing?

For emailed PDF and scanned paper documents, we charge per document page sent or received. The charge will depend on the volume of documents you process as well as the business system you use. Typically there is a one off set … Continue reading

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