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The NEW DMReMail Management System allows you to submit any invoices received from your suppliers, by email, to Digital Mailroom for automated processing.  Emails received from suppliers that contain invoices and supporting documentation, like POD’s and CMR’s, can be auto-forwarded to your Digital Mailroom AP account for auto processing. You can also manually forward selected emails to this account.

A lot of the time you have no control over the format or order of invoices and supporting documentation sent to you by suppliers. But very often your customers will demand that proof of shipment or delivery documentation be submitted to them in a specific format before they will pay. This is where the DMReMail Submission Manager is designed to help.

Using the DMReMail Management System your purchase invoices and supporting documentation can be easily sorted into the correct order for automating Accounts Payable processes as well as automatically separating purchase invoices, CMR’s, POD’s and other supporting documents so that they can be sent to customers in the format and file structure required. This service will also vastly enhance your use of DMR Accounts Receivable Automation Services.


  • AUTOMATICALLY SORT AND ARCHIVE INVOICES AND SUPPORTING ATTACHMENTS The email management system allows you to sort your invoices and other documentation into the correct order for processing, i.e invoice first followed by other back up documents.
  • REMOVE MANUAL PROCESSING. This will help you remove lots of manual processing time and ensure that invoices and supporting documentation are accurately recorded and electronically archived. No longer any need to print and re-scan documents.
  • DELETE UNNECESSARY DOCUMENTS. Easily remove unnecessary documents by deleting them in the workflow process so that they do not clutter your archive.
  • FREE. This functionality is a non chargeable additional feature for existing users of DMR Accounts Payable Automation Services.
  • EASY TO USE WEB APPLICATION. All DMR workflow services are available though our simple to use an intuitive web interface.
  • UNLIMITED USERS AND REMOTE WORKING SUPPORTED. You can access the service from any device using a web browser and remote working is more of a possibility.
  • MANAGE MULTIPLE ATTACHMENTS. Multiple attachments to one email message can be sorted into the correct filing order and document type.

The DMReMail Management System works in conjunction with other DMR services to provide a fully automated Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Automation Service. Other services like POD and CMR Masking are also available.

For more information on this service please contact us, or if you would like to know more about how the service works please visit the How DMReMail Submission Manager Works post.

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