How DMReMail Submission Manager Works

This article describes how the DMReMail Submission manager works and how to use it.


  • Introduction
  • Using DMReMail Submission Manager
  • Email Text View
  • Deleting Unwanted Attachments
  • Resolving Attachment Issues



The email management system allows you to submit any invoices received from your suppliers to Digital Mailroom for processing.   You can auto-forward your  emails to your Digital Mailroom AP account or you can manually forward selected emails to this account.

Key Purpose

The email management system allows you to sort your invoices and other documentation into the correct order for processing, i.e invoice first followed by other back up documents.


Please ask your suppliers to only send you invoices and attachments to your Digital Mailroom AP email account, this will save you from having to delete statements and other correspondence.

We can only accept PDF or TIF attachments.   Any other attachment types, JPG, PNG, EML etc. cannot be processed.


Using DMReMail Submission Manager

To open Email Management you need to log in to the Digital Mailroom Admin website;

Enter this into your google chrome address bar –

email manager image 1

Enter your user name and password and click on the Login button or press the enter key.

email manager image 2

Select the Email Management menu option.

This will display a list of the number of emails to be processed by month.

email manager image 3

Click on the Month to process any outstanding emails.   This will show you the first email to process.

email manager image 4

You can see on screen each of the email header :   From, Subject and Received Date.

Below this you can see the attachment name and the attachment images.   You may need to scroll down to see all attachments if there are more than two.

From either the attachment name or by looking at the image you can see which type of attachment is which.

To arrange the documents into the correct order – invoice first followed by attachments, click on the Move Up and Move Down buttons.

In this first example the documents are already in the correct order.   Once you are satisfied with the order of your documents click on the Submit Email button.

Once you have submitted an email it will disappear from the list, so make sure you take care when submitting documents as the order cannot be changed after this point.

The number of emails outstanding updates to show you how many files are left to process.

In the example below the POD attachment is first followed by the Invoice, so you would need to move the POD attachment (CMR) down.

email manager image 5Once the image has been moved, click on the Submit Email button to complete this email and move onto the next.

email manager image 6

Some emails will contain three or more attachments.   To view these you will need to scroll down the page.   The example below shows one invoice page and two attachment pages.

email manager image 7

email manager image 8

Please take care that you have not overlooked any attachments when processing your emails.

Email Text View

To view the text part of your email, click on the Show Email Body button as in the example below.

To return to the standard view, click on the Hide Email Body button.

email manager image 9

Delete Unwanted Attachments

If the email contains attachments that either you do not want to process, or they are not in the correct format you can delete individual pages.

Click on the delete button next to the page you want to remove.   In the example below we have selected the second attachment to be deleted.

email manager image 10

If you have selected the wrong page then click on the red Undelete button.

The page will only be deleted when you submit the email.

To delete the whole email you need to delete each attachment and then submit the email.

Resolving Attachment Image Issues

You may find an email where there is an attachment but no image is displayed.

This may occur if the attachment is not in the correct format.  You would then need to delete the attachment.

If the attachment appears to be in the correct format but is not displayed, contact who will be able to resolve this issue for you.

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