Scanning invoices for processing by Digital Mailroom

If you are new to scanning and submitting your purchase invoice documents to Digital Mailroom, please check that your settings are correct before you submit your files.

The correct scan settings are as follows:

  • 300dpi
  • TIFF format
  • Compressed
  • Black and white only NOT greyscale

These settings enable us to process your invoices quickly and most importantly accurately. Unless scanned invoices are submitted in this format requested above Digital Mailroom cannot guarantee the quality or accuracy of data extracted.

If you scan a test file you can check that you have chosen the correct settings by looking at the file properties. Select the file, then right click on it to show the file menu.

Scanned file settings

Select Properties, and the Details tab. Scroll down to the Image details and they should look like this.

File properties

For more help with submitting documents to Digital Mailroom please refer to the FAQ post or contact

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Bacardi Europe using Digital Mailroom Purchase Invoice Automation Solution

@digitalmailroom; UK based eInvoice and business process automation solutions provider Digital Mailroom Ltd have successfully implemented a purchase invoice automation solution that is enabling Bacardi® to automatically process all European distribution supplier invoices automatically into their SAP system.

Digital Mailroom worked with Baccardi’s 4PL provider Procurus and the Accenture SAP team at Bacardi®, implementing an AS2 solution that enables distribution supplier invoices, submitted in any format (paper, pdf or data), to be digitally tracked and converted into the specific data format required for further processing and payment in the Bacardi® SAP system.

The purchase invoice automation solution enables Procurus to easily and quickly process and approve invoices from multiple locations and pass them on to Bacardi®, electronically, for payment within the tight deadlines required to manage their supply chain effectively.

“This solution has allowed Procurus to provide a very competitive solution, taking on fast increasing volumes of shipments while keeping their processing costs under control” Brett Parnham, MD Digital Mailroom Ltd

More information about Digital Mailroom;

digital mail room faviconDigital Mailroom help organisations of all sizes automate business processes; to move from being driven by cumbersome manual paper to fully automated digital processes.

To remain competitive and grow in today’s challenging markets every organisation needs to constantly focus on improving business processes, to be more accurate, faster and more cost effective. This is what Digital Mailroom can help you to achieve, more accuracy, more speed and massive cost savings.

Contact Digital Mailroom Ltd: The Barn, Hall Mews, Boston Spa, Wetherby, West Yorkshire, LS23 6DT | +44 (0) 845 604 6351 | |

For more information about Procurus;

procurusProcurus are an asset free independent supply chain management provider. Their global network is dedicated to meeting requirements for customers. All members of the network are vetted and service measured to vigorous KPI requirements to ensure Procurus remain the leading logistics network.

Contact Procurus Group: 12 Summit Business Park, Langer Road, Felixstowe, Suffolk IP11 2JB | +44 (0)1394 45 89 77 | |

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Digital Mailroom are pleased to welcome a number of new customers as part of our strategy to grow into new industry sectors.


Office Scape: The UK’s fastest growing office products supplier based in Harlow are using DMR eAudit service to help analyse prospects spend more quickly and accurately, enabling them to win new business profitably while saving their customers money.

johnblakeJohn Blake Publishing: A leading London publishing house who have published autobiographies for the likes of David Beckham, Jamie Oliver, Michael Caine and most recently George Cole, have chosen the Digital Mailroom eInvoice Accounts Payable Automation service to improve the efficiency of their accounts payable department.

Redwood Clarke LogoRedwood Clarke: Are a dynamic bookkeeping, payroll and accountancy business based in Billericay, Essex. They are using DMR eInvoice for Sage to help them cope with growing volumes of purchase invoices that need to be processed in short timescales. The service will enable them to reduce costs and provide a much faster turnaround for their clients.

aceluxAcelux Construction: Acelux is a building company based in central London and Essex, offering a range of services including maintenance,refurbishment,electrical,plumbing,carpentry and decorating. They are the first Redwood Clarke client to start using DMR eInvoice.

The DMR eAudit service provides individual organisations and cost management consultants the ability to automatically process historical purchase invoices and extract all the detail on every purchase to enable database driven procurement analysis, to identify significant saving opportunities.

The DMR eInvoice service allows organisations of all sizes to automate their Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable invoice processes with little or no upfront cost. Digital Mailroom operates a pay-per-use model where you only pay for documents sent or received through the service.

For more information on these and other Digital Mailroom services please contact us or visit our website.

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POD processing made easy with Multidox ePOD service from Digital Mailroom

Processing paper Proof of Delivery Documents manually is costly, time consuming and frustrating!

The cost and inefficiency of handling paper PODs is now an unnecessary frustration for your business. Multidox ePOD has evolved into a service that really adds value.

ePOD speeds up processing, reduces invoicing delays and helps you get paid sooner!
If your customers need you to confirm correct delivery before they will accept your invoices for payment you will find our automatic POD processing service extremely beneficial.
The ePOD service saves you the time required to manually process each proof of delivery document into your system, by automating this routine non-value added task.

E-POD enables you to scan batches of POD documents to a file on your server, or automatically forward any faxed or e-mailed documents. Your files are automatically uploaded to Digital Mailroom where they are split into individual document files according to rules you determine.  All files can be named with parameters like, order number, invoice number, supplier name, date etc. This makes storing and searching for documents intuitive and easy. PODs are automatically loaded into Multifreight or Multitrack with the relevant diary updates happening simultaneously. PODs can also be sent to customer systems automatically and attached to sales invoices using the Multidox Sales Invoice Sending Service.

To find out how your business could reduce costs and become more efficient by using the Multidox ePOD service for Multifreight contact us now!

Major Benefits
  • The most environmentally friendly way to send PODs to customers
  • Documents cannot be misplaced and storage requirements are reduced
  • Massive time-saving, no scanning hundreds of documents individually
  • Protect your business, quickly and easily remove subcontractor logos
  • Automatic upload to Multitrack and Multifreight, no waiting for manual updates
  • PODs transferred to any standard document management system
  • Updating job status in Multifreight and Multitrack is instantaneous
  • Send PODs to customers automatically in the format they want
  • No expensive third party document management systems
  • Automatic and secure document archiving
  • Totally configurable file naming

Improve efficiency and reduce costs

To find out more please contact us or call on; +44(0) 845 604 6351, ask for Brett.


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New Multidox Sales Invoice Sending Service for Multifreight could make your business much more efficient

Are you still sending sales invoices by post or emailing them one at a time from Multifreight?  The Multidox Sales Invoice Sending Service from Digital Mailroom could help you improve efficiency, save time and cut costs…

Sending sales invoices by post or emailing them one at a time from Multifreight is costing you time and money!

The cost and inefficiency of sending invoices to customers in traditional ways could be costing your business more than £2 per invoice.

To find out how Test Company could reduce costs and become more efficient by using the Multidox invoice sending service for Multifreight contact us now!

Accounts Receivable Automation


Automating the sales invoice process can significantly reduce the need for operator time. As soon as a sales invoice is raised in Multifreight it can be automatically transmitted through Digital Mailroom to the customer, in whatever format the customer needs to receive it. For example as a PDF file attached to an email or as an EDI file in a specific format.

Supporting documentation, e.g. PODs and customer own delivery notes that have been processed through Digital Mailroom can be automatically transmitted with invoices or as separate communications where required.

Major Benefits


  • The most environmentally friendly way to send invoices to customers
  • Easily resend invoices individually or in bulk
  • Updates Multifreight automatically
  • Complete audit trail
  • Send invoices in any format required
  • Keep tighter credit control more easily
  • Automatically attach PODs
  • Mask delivery notes to protect information
  • Improved efficiency and reduced costs


This service significantly improves your ability to manage sales invoicing.

To book a review or find out more please contact us or call on; +44(0) 845 604 6351, ask for Brett.

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New AIIM Industry Watch Paper – WINNING THE PAPER WAR “©AIIM 2013,”

The Key Findings in the latest Industry Watch Paper from AIIM makes interesting reading for Document Management Professionals and organisations looking for solutions that will help get paper out of business processes.

Aiim Figure 1

Key Findings

  • 74% of respondents have business improvement campaigns that would benefit from paper-free initiatives. Only 24% have a specific policy or maxim to “drive paper out of the business”.
  • The amount of paper flowing through business processes is decreasing in 41% of organizations. But for 19% it is actually increasing.
  • On average, respondents feel that driving paper out of the process would improve speed of response to customers, citizens or staff by a factor of 4.0x. Those with more experience of paper-free processes report an even greater speed-up of 4.6x.
  • On average, respondents feel that driving paper out of the process would improve the productivity of process staff by 29.7%, rising to 35.4% for those with more experience.
  • Nearly half (47%) of organizations have made only 5% progress towards processes that could be paper-free. 18% haven’t even started yet.
  • Two-thirds of those adopting paper-free processes report a payback within 18 months. 50% see payback in a single 12-month budgeting period.
  • HR, accounts payable and customer correspondence are the most popular paper-free processes, with 70% reporting that AP and AR have “Excellent” or “Good” ROI. “Contracts and procurement” is also proving to be a successful candidate.
  • Physical signatures and legal admissibility are given as the biggest paper-free concerns amongst staff, with Legal Counsel, and to an extent Finance, being most resistant. Yet overall, even Legal Counsel are 37% pro and 26% against, with most line-of-business and C-levels broadly in favor.
  • 31% scan pre-process, with 10% using digital mailrooms. 26% use paper in the process and then scan for archive after the process. Consistent across all sizes of business, but digital mailroom is twice as popular in Europe (14%) compared to North America.
  • Nearly a third of organizations are processing electronic documents, forms and PDFs separately from scanned paper. 20% print them out – including 13% who print them out and then scan them back into the capture system.
  • As regards benefits of paper-free processes, “Better records for audit trail or compliance” beats “Faster response and improved productivity”. Better monitoring of process status and workflow is also a significant benefit.
  • 15% are currently using smart devices to scan or capture forms – more likely by their own employees than by customers (9%). 22% would like to do so.
  • Spend in the next 12 months is set to increase strongly for mobile capture, with OCR, BPM/workflow and AP/AR also set for a steady increase. Spending on scanners, MFPs and outsourcing will generally be flat, although outsourcing is set for a steady increase outside of North America.

You can get your own copy of the full paper at

Digital Mailroom Ltd help organisations of all sizes to get paper out of business processes as soon as possible. Our cost effective pay per use solutions will help your business to reduce paper and cost, efficiently.

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MULTIFREIGHT – New functionality in MultiDOX

Multidox ( is a service exclusively designed by Digital Mailroom and SCS for Multifreight users that will enable the automation of traditionally paper driven business processes to increase efficiency and reduce cost.

Using the Multidox service an organisation using Multifreight can essentially get important data from any document in any format, use that data in a business workflow and automatically archive the original document.

Some of the uses of the Multidox service are;

  • Automatic processing of supplier invoices,
  • Automating the filing of POD’s, and any other documents
  • Automatically creating jobs in Multifreight from shipping invoices or Bills of Lading
  • Automatically sending out sales invoices, with pods automatically attached, in any format your customer requires.

Multidox has been developed and enhanced over the last two years and is now being used with great success by a growing number of Multifreight customers. Our success stories are numerous and growing.

“Multidox has enabled us to double our capacity with the same number of people”

“Multidox has saved us the cost of an accounts payable clerk”

“We are now able to get invoices into the system, matched and approved in less than two days, in the past this was sometimes taking us well over 6 weeks”

If you would like to review your current “paper-some” processes to find out how Multidox can help improve your efficiency and profitability please get in touch today!

Email me, telephone me, Office: +44 (0) 845 604 6351 Mobile: +44 (0) 7824 365 444.

If you would like to know a little more without being pestered by me, please visit the dedicated Multidox pages on our website <link>.

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Manual Business Processes are Costly and Inefficient

When last did you review manual processes to identify improvements in your business

Manual paper driven processes could be slowing your business down, preventing growth and costing you a fortune.

To find out how your organisation could become more efficient!  Why not take us up on the offer of a half days Business Process Enhancement Review.

We will visit you at your premises, look at all of the manual processes you are finding time consuming and frustrating, then provide you with recommendations on how you could automate these processes to drive efficiency. 

Paper processes

Manual paper driven processes can drive you mad.

Removing manual processes is not as difficult as you might think. Digital Mailroom services can be switched on quite quickly with a little customisation for your business.

Digital Mailroom can help you automate;
Supplier Invoice Processing
POD Processing
Sales Invoice Sending
Job File Creation
All Your EDI requirements

Automated processing with Digital Mailroom

Automated processing with Digital Mailroom

DMR’s Process Review Service will give you peace of mind.

No pressure just sound advice, you will be under no obligation to implement any of our recommendations but we are sure you will find our help extremely useful and hope you will want to start using our services to improve your business efficiency.

Digital Mailroom services are charged on a pay per use basis and present immediate returns on investment.


To book a review or find out more please contact us or call on +44(0) 845 604 6351, ask for Brett.

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Canon Authorised MI Partner Status Awarded to Digital Mailroom

Digital Mailroom announced today that they are now a Canon Authorised Management Information Partner.

Brett Parnham, Managing Director of Digital Mailroom, said “We are very excited about achieving Approved Solution Partner status with Canon. This extends the portfolio of solutions we can offer our customers and enables us to offer the market leading Document Management solution Therefore.”

Digital Mailroom specialise in helping organisations of all sizes to automate business processes. Moving from cumbersome paper driven processes to fully automated electronic processing not only makes a big difference to an organisations environmental impact, it can radically improve productivity and reduce costs.

I am delighted to support the new partnership that has just been announced between Canon UK and Digital Mail Room. With the current emphasis on providing solutions and services to support our customers with their image capture requirements, Canon sees Digital Mailroom as a leading solutions provider and therefore, an ideal partner going forward” Matthew Searle, Director Canon Partner Channel

Digital Mailroom offer a complete solution for invoice processing enabling accounting departments to automate every aspect of Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable processing.

For more information on Digital Mailroom, eInvoicing, ePOD, eAudit, eMailroom or Document Management services, please visit our website or contact us.

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VOW Partners with Digital Mailroom: Press Release 11 April 2013


VOW have this week introduced another new service to the VOW+ Portfolio of tools and services aimed at helping resellers streamline business processes.

VOW have partnered with Digital Mailroom, a leading software service provider who specialises in automating business processes, to bring E-Audit to the VOW+ customer community.

E-Audit, is a quick and easy solution which enables resellers to automate the time consuming and laborious task of processing historical purchase invoice data when conducting a pricing audit for a potential new customer. The reseller simply scans in the paper invoices, sends to Digital Mailroom and they receive back the documents in an easy to manipulate excel file.

Helen Beckett, Business Development Director comments “Our focus this year for the VOW+ program is to only launch tools and services which can offer real benefit for our customers, E-Audit is a fantastic tool which will save significant time and resource and speed up the process of pricing analysis for our customers”

Brett Parnham, Digital Mailroom comments , “We are extremely pleased to be working with VOW to bring this product to the VOW+ customers. We are all about helping businesses improve efficiency and remove cost and this product will do just that”

Resellers are encouraged to contact their VOW account manager for further details of the benefits E-audit could offer them.

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