Simplify electronic trading with Multidox EDI services from Digital Mailroom!

Are you finding EDI trading requests confusing, costly, complicated and time consuming?  The Multidox eDI Service from Digital Mailroom could help you improve efficiency, save time and cut costs…

The complication, confusion, cost and inefficiency of approaching EDI requests from every trading partner as a separate project is now a thing of the past. Multidox EDI is an easy to use web based solution for managing the conversion of customer and supplier EDI messages. Easily turn your customers EDI instructions into Jobs in Multifreight and send them EDI invoice messages in the format they want to receive them straight from Multifreight. Multidox EDI is the ideal solution for all freight forwarders and logistics providers who do not want the cost or hassle of setting up complex EDI solutions and capabilities in house.

Multifreight is already connected to Digital Mailroom, you just need to ask us to go live!

If you have been avoiding requests from your customers or suppliers to transact with them using EDI or XML messaging then the Multidox EDI service from SCS and Digital Mailroom may just be the answer. Electronic trading can help you remove significant costs from your business, speed up processing and put you way ahead of your competitors.

Digital Mailroom connects to Multifreight and converts incoming EDI or XML messages into the format needed for processing in Multifreight. The service will also convert any messages you send from Mutifreight into any format your customer or supplier wants to receive it in. The Multidox EDI service is excellent value for money and will give you an immediate ROI. There are no costly or time consuming implementation requirements. Set up fees are as low as £250 and the monthly service fee starts at £55. This really is the best EDI solution available for Multifreight users.

To find out how your organisation could reduce costs and become more efficient by using the Multidox EDI service for Multifreight contact us now!

DMR EDI Service for Multifreight

Convert any EDI format for which a specification exists and translate it into any other EDI format for which a specification exists. Tell us the format and we handle the conversion.

Key Features

  • Web based easy to use solution
  • EDI messaging with suppliers and customers
  • Secure, reliable and efficient communication with trading partners
  • Process any type of data format with any trading partner regardless of their technology
  • Turn paper, PDF, CSV and Excel documents into EDI message formats
  • Auto email files to DMR and from DMR to trading partners
  • Reach out to FTP sites and pull files for processing
  • Create image files from data to help operators
  • Multi user, fully managed EDI service
  • FTP push and AS2 encrypted link

Major Benefits

  • Reduce data entry costs
  • No costly hardware requirements
  • Automate, streamline and reduce costs of error prone manual processes
  • Exchange data easily, regardless of location, technology preference or level of IT sophistication
  • Quickly get 100% EDI compliant with your trading partners
  • No EDI software or previous EDI knowledge required
  • You don’t have to maintain any FTP servers
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Increased accuracy
  • Enhanced visibility
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase ROI
  • Less errors

Improve efficiency and reduce costs

Digital Mailroom EDI services are available to organisations of all sizes, not just Multifreight users. To find out more please contact us or call on; +44(0) 845 604 6351, ask for Brett.

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