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Accounts Payable Automation For ECi Progress Users


Most Progress® users receive purchase invoices in a variety of formats such as paper documents, e-mailed PDF files, XML or EDI files. The Accounts Payable Automation service from Digital Mailroom converts all of your invoices into an electronic format that can be automatically imported into your Progress® System, significantly reducing the need for manual data entry and processing.

When you sign up to use the Digital Mailroom service, which is already available in the latest version of Progress®, Digital Mailroom and ECi will manage the entire implementation process for you.

There are three easy steps;

  1. Registering your supplier details,
  2. Installing DMR Link,
  3. Testing, training and go live.

For more information about using Digital Mailroom for Progress® please contact us.

How DMR AP works
You scan your paper invoices to a file on your network, these image files are then securely transmitted by DMRLink. Emailed PDF, XML and EDI invoice files can also be transmitted by DMRLink for conversion and processing. The invoice files are processed by the DMR service to extract line level data from image files, or convert XML and EDI files into a standard data format. Invoice data is then made available to your Progress system. The data output is automatically loaded directly into your system where you use the same invoice processing functionality that your users are familiar with for managing invoices from your major wholesalers. The original invoice image files are saved in your document store for easy access and viewing.

Customer benefits
If you are using Digital Mailroom to receive and process your purchase invoices you will benefit from;

  • Significantly lower data entry costs alone of up to 75%
  • Automated matching of invoices with purchasing documents in your system
  • A reduction in the number of lost or missing invoices
  • Freeing up resources for more value added activities
  • Reduced document storage requirements
  • Quicker approval cycles allowing you to maximise the benefits achievable from on time payment discounts

Software Requirements
All of the functionality you need to use the Digital Mailroom service is already available in the latest version of Progress and soon to follow in Vision. The only additional software you need is provided by Digital Mailroom as part of the service and can be quickly installed on your server or a pc with web access.

Straight Through Processing
Our service reduces the time and effort required to process your invoices.
Existing purchase order data can be automatically matched with your purchase invoices in Progress or Vision, so you only have to deal with any exceptions.
Invoices can no longer be lost or misplaced once they have entered the system. 

Connecting you to Digital Mailroom
To use this service there is a small one off installation charge, a monthly hosting fee and a usage charge for every invoice page processed.

Your Suppliers
There is no change for your suppliers.  It will be business as usual for them (unless they choose to sign up to the DMR electronic invoice sending service) as we can process invoices for you automatically in what ever format you currently receive them. You will benefit from faster processing cycles enabling  you to take advantage of any prompt payment discounts on offer.

Our invoicing processing complies with HM Revenue and Customs rules for electronic invoicing.   And your processed invoice data  and images can be archived electronically to comply both with your requirements and current legislation.

For more information on automatic Proof of Delivery document processing please go to the e-POD pages on our website.