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DMR for Forward Office

The Digital Mailroom service for Forward Office users 

DMR for FORWARD OFFICE (http://www, is a service exclusively designed by Digital Mailroom Ltd for Forward Office users. The service will enable you to automate traditionally paper driven business processes to increase efficiency and reduce cost.

Using the DMR service you can extract important data from any document in any format, use that data in your business workflow and automatically archive the original document. 

Some of the uses of the DMR service are;

  • Automatic processing of Supplier Invoices
  • Automating the filing of POD's, and any other documents
  • Automatically creating jobs in Forward Office from shipping invoices or bills of lading
  • Automatically sending Sales Invoices, with POD's auto attached, in any format your customer requires
  • EDI - Simple, efficient electronic data interchange services that work cost effectively for complex EDI requirements.

DMR for Purchase Invoices

(Accounts payable automation for Forward Office users)

DMR allows you to receive, enter, attach, and match your purchase invoices electronically within Forward Office, eliminating the daily manual process you currently go through.

DMR converts purchase invoices of any format into a single format and imports them into Forward Office. They can be scanned paper documents, PDFs or electronic data files. Data feeds from Forward Office allow automatic linking between invoices and other system data with automatic matching before posting your invoices to your accounts package in the normal way.

This means you can:

  • Save administration costs on purchase invoice identification, entry, attachment, and matching
  • Free-up staff time for more business-critical tasks
  • View invoices on screen 
  • Automatically link invoices to consol files
  • Match purchase invoices automatically within set tolerances
  • View up-to-the-minute information on creditors’ status
  • Automatically identify, enter, and attach PODs
  • Comply with HM Revenue & Customs requirements for electronic invoicing and remove the need for paper copies

The DMR Purchase Invoice service is already being used by a number of Forward Office users and offers many sophisticated features that will help you speed up business processes and reduce costs.  How DMR for Purchase Invoices works. For more information please contact us.

 DMR for POD's

(Accounts payable automation for Forward Office users)

When your customers need to know that the goods ordered have been received or the services correctly delivered before they will pay your invoices, you can use the DMR POD processing service to save the time required to manually process each proof of delivery document.

This DMR service provided through SCS’s partnership with Digital Mailroom enables you to scan  a batch of POD documents to a file on your Forward Office server.  These batch files are automatically uploaded to the Digital Mailroom service.  The DMR service will split your batched POD files into individual document files, according to rules you set.

The unique document reference can be extracted from each document and used to rename the file with a unique identifier, which Forward Office then uses to attach the document to the job file to which it belongs, where it will be available for viewing.

Some of the Benefits of using this service are;

  • Massive timesaving, not having to scan hundreds of documents  individually
  • Automatic and secure document archiving, documents cannot be misplaced and storage requirements are reduced
  • POD’s automatically viewable in Forward Office

How DMR for POD's works. For more information please contact us.

DMR for Sales Invoices

The DMR Sales Invoice sending service reduces the amount of effort it takes to manage customer invoicing.

This service enhances the standard invoice emailing service functionality in Forward Office;

  • Automates the sending and resending of invoices
  • Automatically attaches POD's and other documents
  • Sends invoices automatically when POD's are received
  • Batch sends and batch resends invoices
  • Send invoices electronically to customers in the format they want to receive them

All you need to do is specify the format the customer wants to receive an invoice in and any associated rules, e.g. POD required or not, after that as soon as you raise the sales invoice in Forward Office the whole sending process is managed and tracked for you.

When you are using this service to send sales invoices, you will be able to send fully electronic invoices to your customers for no additional cost.

How DMR for Sales Invoice Service works. For more information please contact us.


EDI projects can often distract you from core business and require the need to maintain specialist skills and mapping functionality in-house which can be costly. The DMR EDI service will enable you to establish complex enterprise level electronic trading relationships with your trading partners without needing to have all the skills and knowledge in-house.

Digital Mailroom are complex EDI specialists. We make our EDI capability available to Forward Office users on a value for money pay-as-you use and subscription basis.

How DMR for EDI works. For more information please contact us.

DMR for General Archiving

The DMR service can be used to automatically process almost any document. You can use the service to automatically classify documents, extract key data for driving onward business processes and automatically filing documents into electronic archiving systems. DMR also provide simple and cost effective web based  document archiving services.

How DMR for Archiving works. For more information please contact us.