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The Best Value Audit service provides individual organisations and cost management consultants the ability to automatically process historical purchase invoices and extract all the detail on every purchase to enable database driven procurement analysis, to identify significant saving opportunities.

Most organisation still keep their purchase invoices in paper, filed in lever arch files. You can choose what accounting period you want to audit; the last 12 months will probably provide the best result. DMR will then arrange for the secure collection, scanning and return of all invoices. We then pass the scanned image files through our data extraction process to collect all of the invoice details right down to line level.  This purchase data is then passed to the audit database which can produce multiple reports to suit your audit requirements.

Twelve month's worth of invoices for a medium sized business can be digitised and available in the database for reporting purposes within one week.

An added benefit of this service is that all invoices and supporting documentation can be made available for digital archiving, thereby enabling the secure destruction of the paper documents and removing the need for ongoing paper storage costs.

If you are a procurement or cost management consultancy, we can brand this service specifically for you. For more information please contact us.

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