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Automate Your Invoice Processing

The Digital Mailroom e-invoicing service allows organisations of all sizes to automate their Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable invoice processes with little or no upfront cost. Digital Mailroom operates a pay-per-use model where you only pay for documents sent or received through the service.

Most organisations send and receive invoices in a variety of formats such as paper documents, e-mailed PDF files, XML or EDI files. This results in multiple, often manual non value adding  and costly processes.

With Digital Mailroom you can convert all of your invoices into an electronic invoice format. Accounts Payable invoices can be automatically imported into your Business Management System and Accounts Receivable invoices can be automatically sent to your customers in the format that suits them best.

Using the Digital Mailroom e-invoicing service you can significantly reducing the need for manual data entry and processing thereby freeing up resources for higher value activity and dramatically reducing your back office costs.

Digital Mailroom is already integrated with leading accounting and business management systems.* We will work in partnership with your business system provider to manage the implementation process for you.

There are three easy steps to a quick and successful implementation;

  1. Business System Linking: Establishes the link with your business management system to automate the transfer of key data which is needed, to identify your suppliers and customers as well as manage invoice routing and matching.
  2. Installing and Configuring DMRLink & DMRMatch:  DMRLink manages the transfer of invoice and data files from your system to our secure processing servers and back to your system. DMRMatch is the workflow controller that enables you to set the system up according to your own business rules and workflow requirements.
  3. Testing, Training and Go Live: you are never alone when you work with Digital Mailroom, we pride ourselves on Fanatical Service, we also always make sure that the service is working the way it needs to for your business.

*If your business system is not already linked with Digital Mailroom we will typically do the integration at minimal additional cost to you.

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