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This is exactly what it says ... your electronic mailroom ... Digital Mailroom provides you with a service to automatically classify, route through a business process or file, every incoming document, from invoices, delivery notes, credit notes, purchase orders, emails, to personal post.

Digital Mailroom can classify documents in a graphical and textual way and extract textual information from digital documents using advanced optical character recognition and image processing algorithms. Paper-based documents are usually transformed into digital documents through scanning. Other electronic data can be processed by Digital Mailroom and converted into standard data formats by use of our data converter.

Digital Mailroom is enhanced through our partnership with I.R.I.S. A.G and the integration of the IRISXtract for Documents platform into our back office.

Digital Mailroom can help you to optimise all your mission-critical business processes.

Digital Mailroom provides you with the capability to completely process any document type within one system – starting from data import, through classifying of all incoming mail, then extracting and capturing key data and forwarding the data to central data processing systems, accounting systems, business management systems, ERP, CRM or content management systems to drive full business processes and document archiving.

Digital Mailroom can be used for many different purposes. Applications are, for example,

  • capturing incoming creditor invoices,
  • processing forms in Health Care and Finance
  • as well as classifying incoming mail in fully digital mailroom solutions.

Through our workflow management functionality Digital Mailroom can control the complete process of data import, automatic data capture, manual verifying and respective validating of extracted data as well as data export to other systems.

The Digital Mailroom service can be installed on your premises in a Microsoft environment or run as a secure service bureau which requires no hardware or software investment. Both the on premise and service bureau versions are fully scalable and capable of processing millions of documents per day.

Digital Mailroom presents many exciting opportunities to automate and enhance existing business processes that are based on multiple document types arriving from multiple sources.

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