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Automatic Processing of POD's

If your customers need you to confirm correct delivery before they will accept your invoices for payment you will find our automatic POD processing service extremely beneficial.

The Digital Mailroom POD service saves you the time required to manually process each proof of delivery document into your system, by automating this routine non-value added task.

E-POD is provided as part of the standard DMRLink installation and enables you to scan batches of POD documents to a file on your server, or automatically forward any faxed or e-mailed documents. Your files are automatically uploaded to Digital Mailroom where they are split into individual document files according to rules you determine.  All files can be named with parameters like, order number, invoice number, supplier name, date etc. This makes storing and searching for documents intuitive and easy.

The unique document reference allows you to automatocally link each file;

  • to the relevant account in your management system,
  • to archive the document to your document management system, or
  • to keep the file available for viewing using Windows explorer.

The benefits of this automated process are;

  • massive timesaving, not having to scan hundreds of documents individually
  • automatic and secure document archiving,
  • documents cannot be misplaced and storage requirements are reduced
  • POD’s automatically viewable in any standard document management system or uploaded into your ERP system,
  • you don’t have to pay for any expensive third party document management systems.

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