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Strategic Technology Partners

At Digital Mailroom we believe in leveraging best of breed solutions and not reinventing the wheel. This means that when we choose to develop a solution we have already scoured the world to make sure someone else has not already created something great.  When we find great solutions that will enhance the service and experience we can offer our customers we partner with them and build their solutions into Digital Mailroom to add value for you.  We are very select about who we work with.

Digital Mailroom is built on leveraging the latest Microsoft technology and development tools. We also provide bespoke database design and build services around SQL Server as well as bespoke business inteligence consultancy and development. Please contact us to discuss your database and reporting requirements or find out more on the other services page on our web site.

Business Management System Partners

The Digital Mailroom services add most value when they are tightly integrated with the system you use to manage your business every day.  In order to offer the fastest set up time possible, and therefore incredible return on investment, we develop strategic relationships with your business system provider.

If you use one of the following systems to manage your business, you will find Digital Mailroom is already integrated and ready to use to automate your Accounts Payable and Proof of Delivery document processing.




New Partnerships

We are always on the look out for new technologies that can add value to our service as well as leading business systems to integrate with. If you have a system you think will work well with Digital Mailroom or would like to integrate our Digital Mailroom service into your accounting or business management system we would really like to hear from you.